Success Stories

A few years ago, 10 people with diverse backgrounds and a wide variety of financial situations came together to buy a community property. With some work and planning, they created a vision that all were passionate about. Twenty days later they found the property that could support them perfectly, and 2 months later, with a seller-carried loan, they were moving onto the land.

This is the Emerald Village Organization. Their story is a great reminder of how quickly a community can go from dream to reality with the right tools and the right people. Although not every community will come together in just 3 months, there’s no reason to think that you can’t be living your dream within the year.

Two years later, the vision has grown. Three new members have been born. There is a rotating crew of volunteers: learning, working, and giving back to the land and the organization. The land itself is now host to a multitude of gardening and restoration projects. There have been a dozen events, from spectacular dinner clubs, to a wedding, art and garden workshops, celebrations, and leadership retreats. It is currently developing its connections with other local communities and farms.

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