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Jonah Mesritz

Jonah Mesritz lives in San Diego County and has been actively involved in buying, selling and investing in real estate here since 1999.  He is a former U.S. Navy SEAL sniper and now brings to real estate his ability to think out of the box, be thorough, precise and to find creative ways to complete the mission.  Recently he has bought 8 houses in 8 months without himself using a bank loan and used the same imagination to help “Art Pulse non-profit” secure a 7.5 million dollar coastal property to build a green art center and structuring the offer that beat out 20 competing developers.  He bought and owns 6 rental houses, co-created an intentional community, invested in building 4 unit and 10 unit condos and continues to help groups with buying and investing in real estate.

Jonah now lives in a beautiful intentional community with 10 friends on 9 acres with 4 houses, a yurt, pool house, 2 creeks and 250 trees.  Structuring this deal without a bank loan was only one of the visionary ways Jonah continues to find value in these trying economic times and you can check out the “Emerald Village Organization” community for inspiration.  Jonah gives talks up the West coast on acquiring property for community and it is his deep passion to help others achieve this dream through “Activated Villages”.

In owning, remodeling, and managing his own properties for the last 13 years Jonah has a complete picture on what it takes to be successful in investing or owning real estate.  He enjoys using very current applications of technology to best manage and educate a successful transaction.  When you finally own your own home you are going to want someone who has had his hands on every aspect of the strategy, purchase, negotiation, building, renting and managing of real estate for primary residence and investment.  Jonah lives and breathes real estate and is driven to show you how it can support your ambitions.

If you have the desire to buy property with a group or live in intentional community Jonah is an expert in all levels of buying community property and has taken courses to strengthen his ability to instruct on community living.  If you want to buy property as an investment he has built solid passive income for himself and is able to plan the road for you to do the same.  Whether you are buying your first home or creating your investment portfolio Jonah can walk you through every detail with care, a positive attitude and a winning plan.

If you have any ideas, questions, projects or real estate purchases you want to complete please send Jonah an email.

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