Creating a Life Together
Diana Leafe Christian

“A unique guide to launching and sustaining a successful new ecovillages and sustainable communities – and avoiding the typical mistakes in the process.”

I get asked a few times a week what resources are available to someone who wants to start their own community. I always tell them to get the book Creating a Life together by Diana Leafe Christian. It’s the bible for community.

The Cohousing Handbook
Chris Hanson

“As pioneers in the development of cohousing in North America, Chris and Kelly ScottHanson offer individuals and new groups a wealth of information and practical hints on how the process works.”


Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making
Sam Kaner


Creating and Sustaining Community
Occidental Arts and Ecology Center’s 5-Day Course 

Consider attending the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center’s 5 day course on Creating and Sustaining Community. I loved the course and you leave with a massive amount of useful information. You will also be weaved in with the community for that week and get to witness great group flow. I was already living in community for a year before i went to this course and found that I was able to focus lessons on exactly what my group needed.)

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