Create your community. Find your home.

This is the place for you to link with other community co-creators, a place that can educate you in what an amazing time it is to buy property, and a place to find out how you can do it regardless of your financial situation.

Have you dreamed of owning your own property?  Buying with community is a powerful way to do it.  We have articles in the blog, recommended tools and success stories to help get you started.  Have you thought that living in community might be something you want?  From here you can jump to our Facebook page and sign up with our newsletter to connect with other people.  Do you want to find financial stability and possibly freedom?  By finding the right people, the right place, and support for strong initial purchasing agreements, you will be well on your way.

If you are in a place to move forward with a property and have questions or need assistance, AV founder Jonah Mesritz is a licensed REALTOR® whose services can be found at:

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