“Hobbit House” to be Torn Down

August 27, 2013

The Hobbit house in England I’ve posted about a couple times on Facebook has been ordered to be torn down because they did not build it with permits–a very real concern when wanting to create something magic on land you purchase. I’ve experienced trouble with something as simple as a yurt when code enforcement required us to tear it down.

It’s important to look at your whole plan when buying land, try to purchase with existing structures that can be remodeled, and consider hidden areas for non “legal” structures.

The young couple who built the house have applied for retrospective planning permission, but as of Aug 21, there was still no news on whether it would be accepted.

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Jonah Mesritz lives in San Diego County and has been actively involved in buying, selling and investing in real estate here since 1999. He is a former U.S. Navy SEAL sniper and now brings to real estate his ability to think out of the box, be thorough, precise and to find creative ways to complete the mission.

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