About Activated Villages

Activated Villages was created to help people interested in co-housing and intentional community find and purchase their property and live their vision. We have worked with community groups across the U.S. and internationally. Living in community has so many benefits, and the purchasing power gained by joining up with the right group is a big one. Activated Villages seeks to demonstrate all of the creative ways around the fears and challenges of community property buying while making it easy for those with a shared vision to find each other and work together.

Founder Jonah Mesritz is a real estate professional with over a decade of success purchasing and investing in property and a co-founder of the Emerald Village intentional community north of San Diego. Activated Villages gives people access to his support and the support of other professionals. It is also a space to collaborate with a network of people with similar interests and a platform for success stories, potential properties, events, workshops and teaching tools all geared towards getting the right groups together and purchasing the properties they want.

Recent events include a community speed-dating potluck and a real estate workshop for artists and creative professionals at Pulse Gallery in San Diego. For the latest updates and to join in the conversation, subscribe to our AV Newsletter on the homepage, or follow Activated Villages on Facebook (facebook.com/activatedvillages).

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